Student Testimonials

When you type a school, restaurant, business, or store into Google, people typically look for 1 of 2 things: 1) the proximity to your location, and 2) how is it rated by other people who have gone there?

If you’re like me, I rarely write a review if I’m happy–unless there’s some sort of incentive, like 15% off my next visit or something like that. But man, I go on a keyboard rampage if I’m unsatisfied with my visit. And, especially if I’m home visiting family or friends, I let them know the problem so they don’t frequent the place(s) either.

As a society, we are more than happy to let others know when we’re mad…but it’s like pulling teeth to tell people good things about services. Well, Brighton College and The Paralegal Institute are changing that. We reached out to our students to ask them what they thought about us and I’ll be making posts about them over the next few months so you can rest assured we provide a quality education as well as the personal touch that other schools just don’t have.

“Kaitlin is amazing at her job! She has been such a big help and has answered all of my questions faster than I could have expected.” –R. Smith, LNC/NP Program

And, of course, I’m not biased since I’m Kaitlin. But I remember my college days and having to wait until office hours to ask questions, and it was likely that I forgot my question by then. For the most part, I’m incredibly accessible, which clearly pleases the students!

Have I piqued your interest yet? Ready to enroll? We’re ready for you!




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