Options Make The World Go ‘Round

Or is that money?

Either way, Brighton offers you ways to make the money to make the world go ’round using several options (ha, see what I did there??). Our most popular program by far is our Legal Nurse Consultant and Nurse Paralegal program. What isn’t the most popular part of it is the length. While it’s significantly more comprehensive than other programs out there, it’s 14 months worth of program. That’s a lot of time. But, at the same time, you’re essentially being taught how to be a paralegal, since you already know how to be a nurse.

So, how did we make it more conducive to our students? We made a short program. We have a Legal Nurse Consultant Professional Development program which contains 2 courses for a total of 8 credit hours. Your courses would be focused solely on the principles and practices of being an LNC and get you into the field faster. This way, you can start working towards your 2,000 hours worth of LNC work you need to complete before you can sit for your LNC Certification exam (in addition to being an RN for a minimum of 5 years).

Even better? With this short program, you still get the complimentary membership to The J.E.R.K., which is an organization that Brighton partners with that is made up of a bunch of LNCs from around the country. It’s the perfect way to network, get mentoring, and even work on making contacts that you can contract with without leaving your state.

I’m not being biased when I say it’s an amazing deal with a ton of promise behind it….okay, I’m a little biased. But it’s definitely worth checking out! https://www.brightoncollegeextension.org/lnc/