No Act of Kindness, No Matter How Small, Is Ever Wasted

“The only people I have interacted with are Ryan and Kaitlin, via phone and e-mail. Both are very helpful and courteous.”–D Barrera

These days, it seems like kindness is not something that everyone has, and I have some theories as to why. Maybe it’s because it doesn’t cost anything to have, and as a society, we are perceived and judged for what we can, or cannot, buy and attain. Or maybe it’s because it isn’t something that is rewarded for having or using.

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Regardless, people don’t seem to be as kind as they once used to be. I think back to the times of Mayberry. I remember watching The Andy Griffith Show growing up with my dad constantly, and people were genuinely friendly to each other–always said ‘hello,’ used their names (and everyone knew everyone), doors didn’t need to be locked every night. It didn’t hurt that the deputy put the fear of a single bullet (kept in his pocket, not even the gun), in everyone!

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But now, people get offended if doors are held for them, because

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As my mother used to say, “it doesn’t cost anything to be kind.” And that’s what our world is lacking today. At Brighton College, we make sure we have people on staff that, their basic instinct is to be kind to each other. Even if we have to fake a smile, it comes across as a smile when you speak.

Image result for fake it meme Eventually, that smile won’t have to be faked. I’m lucky. I work in a place where it’s genuinely easy to smile because we are always laughing. When you enjoy your coworkers and have fun, that fun comes across and rubs off on the students when you speak to them. Whether you’re in Admissions, Student Services, or Finance, you work with so many students every day that each call needs to be treated as your first, and the more fun you’re having before each of those calls, the better each of those calls will be. Even when you have a “nightmare” of a call, and you answer all pleasant and get this in return:

Image result for jurassic world memethere’s always someone on the other end to help get your mood back up afterwards.

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