Microsoft Publisher Agreement

We intend to work with you to explain, plan and guarantee your success, as we end legacy service in favor of a newer solution with an improved customer and publisher experience. The SaaS offers you new opportunities to expand your products and services through our platform. We are happy to share our vision with you. 3 DEFINSAl the purpose of this Agreement, the following definitions apply: For the purposes of this Agreement, the following definitions apply:3.1 “Agreement” means that this Qt Marketplace Publisher agreement.3.2 “Critical Error” means any error, defect, malfunction or defect leading to a complete or serious non-function of the extension, as is reasonably foreseen in the relevant documentation or in the absence of documentation. 3.3 “Documentation” is all terms of license, product descriptions, user manuals, installation information and other documents related to the extension and its use. 3.4 “Effective Date” has the meaning defined in section for a customer who buys extensions through the Marketplace or uses another Marketplace share. 3.6 “Extension” refers to all libraries, plug-ins, tools, arts and other artifacts and any related documentation published on the Marketplace and disseminated by the publisher.3.7 “Intellectual Property Rights” refers to all intellectual property rights, including, but not limited, to copyright, trademarks, trade names, trade secrets, patents, software, developments, research data, design rights, all designs (including interfaces), confidential information and all applications for, registrations and extensions, departments, renewals and insurance, including any of its rights and rights, including, but not limited, to (i) the rights conferred by licensing or licensing agreements, and (ii) programming and programming rights, whether on film , ribbon or any other medium, as well as moral and other rights, of any kind, according to the laws of public or national authorities. 3.8 The “market place” refers to the Qt Marketplace which is owned and operated. “New version,” a change to the extension that may include error fixes and/or improvements in functionality or performance, including updated documentation associated with identifying any changes. 3.10 “Provision API” refers to the technical interface used for the transfer of purchase information between Qt and the publisher.3.11 “Taxes” has the meaning defined in section″ indicates the duration of the agreement covered in Section 16.