Find Out More About Nurse Paralegal/Legal Nurse Consultants

The role of Nurse Paralegal/LNCs is continuously growing as the medical legal field expands, and the need for this group of skilled and versatile legal staff is on the rise. If you’d like to become part of this talented group of professionals.

"No more weekends, holidays, or nightshifts! Just a short commute to my home office. Finally, I am my own boss and I make the decisions. As a Legal Nurse Consultant, I am setting my own hours and charging what my nursing knowledge is truly worth. You may be asking how I achieved this.

Brighton College: The Paralegal Institute is where I found my future. As an accredited institution for higher learning, I knew I would receive a well-structured education. The Legal Nurse Consulting program was both economical and also exceeded my expectations with course content. Their self-paced program adapted easily to my busy life-style. I felt as if I knew the instructors. They were knowledgeable, friendly, and always extended a helping hand when I needed further explanations. I would highly recommend Brighton’s Legal Nurse Consulting program. I graduated with the solid foundation I needed to open my own Legal Nurse Consulting business."

Julie A. Marlatt MSN, RNC-NIC, LNC Brighton Graduate November 2017

Career Opportunities

Nurse Paralegal/LNCs generally work for law firms specializing in:

  • Personal injury
  • Medical malpractice
  • Workers’ compensation
  • Wrongful death
  • Social security

But the value of Nurse Paralegal/LNCs extends beyond the legal setting. Many times, these legal pros lend their knowledge and skills to insurance companies, doctor’s offices, and hospitals. For example, medical institutions have Nurse Paralegal/LNCs on staff who ensure the facility is operating within the bounds of the law.

Insurance companies utilize Nurse Paralegal/LNCs in malpractice and medical claims. Nurse Paralegal/LNCs in these settings may be employed by the insurance carrier or work for independent agents (hospital risk management groups) who oversee malpractice for doctors and hospitals. (, 2017)

Here's What Makes Our Nurse Paralegal/LNC Program Unique:

Features & Benefits Our Program Their Program
100% Online Program YES NO
Instructor-Led Courses by Practicing Attorneys and LNC's YES NO
DEAC Accredited YES NO
Unique LNC Focused Writing Course YES NO
Introduction to IRAC & Legal Citation YES NO
One-on-one Personalized Instruction YES NO
One-on-one Mentoring by LNC Professionals YES NO
Employability-Focused Career Planning Services YES NO
Your Resume is Sent Out to 100 National Organizations YES NO
Juris Educational Resource Knowledge (J.E.R.K.) Annual Membership YES NO
One-year subscription to "Legal Eagle Eye Newsletter" for The Nursing Profession YES NO
Entrepreneurial Tools Included (Blog Set-up) YES NO
Publish your First ebook/book through Brighton College Press YES NO
Monthly career Driven Webinars with Alumni and Industry Professionals YES NO