How Can Microsoft Office Skills Help Your Employability?

Whether you’re a PC or a Mac person, computer literacy is essential for anyone hoping to maintain and increase their employability in the modern job market, and a vital part of computer literacy is knowing how to use the Microsoft suite of products.

Why Should You Be Skilled In Microsoft Programs?

You’ve probably used Microsoft Office programs, but are you using them as effectively as you could be? Microsoft Word alone has hundreds of features and abilities – many that you are probably not utilizing! Industries from finance to non-profits use Microsoft Excel extensively in their everyday operations, for calculations, data tracking, and even inventory. Executives use PowerPoint to give important presentations and reports to the company and their shareholders. According to Microsoft, Windows 10 is being used on over 700 million devices worldwide.

Hiring managers and recruiters expect to see basic proficiency in computer programs as a starting point, and the higher the demands of the job, the more advanced skills they require. There is a reason certifications in Microsoft programs are popular.

So knowing how to effectively utilize the Microsoft suite of programs seems kind of important, right? Right.

But learning the intricacies of all Microsoft programs can be daunting, especially if you’re not as familiar with the software as you could be. Thankfully, there are courses you can take that not only teach you how to utilize software you already know but also how to use programs you’re not familiar with.

How Do I Decide Which Courses To Take?

First, you need to be realistic with what skill level you’re at. If you only know the very basics of Microsoft Word and you’ve barely touched Excel, it’s best to start with beginner courses to build a strong foundation of knowledge. Of course, the more you use these programs and the better you get at them, the more you’ll be able to experiment and figure out features on your own.

Another option if you’d consider yourself a beginner is to invest in a course that will take you from novice to advanced within one curriculum. Brighton’s sister company, LearnKey, offers such courses for a variety of different technology products, including the full Microsoft Office suite. Many of their courses also prepare you for the corresponding certification exam – and needless to say, certifications always look impressive on resumes.

If you already feel comfortable with Microsoft Office, but are a professional and want to keep up with the constant advances and added features, or even want to take the next step to get certified, there are courses that can help you achieve these goals, too. If you are currently employed, reach out to your manager and see if your company is willing to cover all or part of the costs to help with your professional development.

If you’re currently not employed but are looking to increase your employability, investing in Microsoft Office courses can help take your skill set and your resume to the next level. Knowing how to take full advantage of the functions Microsoft products offer will not only help you to get a job but will help make you an indispensable employee for future employers.

If you’re interested in increasing your employability through extra skill sets and certifications, check out our sister company, LearnKey! They have over 30 years of experience in providing video-based courseware to give you the professional edge. Courses on Microsoft Office 2019 will be released soon, so if you’re interested in the latest technology, stay tuned!