5 Reasons to Choose Brighton’s Legal Nurse Consultant Program

5 Reasons to Choose Brighton’s Legal Nurse Consultant Program

Nursing is a special, difficult profession that requires special, tough people to pursue it. From the long shifts to the heartbreaking moments with patients, no one could accuse nurses of having it easy!

Despite its rewarding moments, nursing can begin to wear on one’s body and spirit, and maybe you’ve decided you might like a career change. However, going back to school for an entirely different profession is daunting and expensive, and you’ve already invested your time and resources in nursing.

That’s where becoming a Legal Nurse Consultant/Nurse Paralegal comes in!


Legal nurse consultants (also known as nurse paralegals) are specialists who provide attorneys with their valuable expertise in legal cases. LNCs apply the nursing process to evaluate and analyze information in legal cases to help attorneys and their clients with their medical-related cases. This can vary from medical malpractice suits to product liability to regulatory compliance. Since the healthcare field is intricate, attorneys rely on LNCs to provide them with accurate and helpful counsel.

LNCs are not paralegals nor do they practice law, but they are vital to the legal field.


If you would like a more regular work schedule, to sit at a desk instead of being on your feet, and enjoy utilizing your nursing education to solve problems outside of a medical setting, this profession might be for you.

You could also become an LNC in addition to a regular nursing job. Freelance consultants are able to work on their own schedule and pick and choose their cases, so it is a great opportunity for extra income under your discretion.


After you decide to pursue your LNC certification, choosing where to attain your certificate is the next course of action. And with all the choices out there, it can seem overwhelming! Here is what sets Brighton apart from the pack:

1. Brighton’s Legal Nurse Consultant program is an accredited, online course of study that has a flexible schedule so you can decide what works best for you

2. Brighton accepts applications all year round and has 2 start dates per month, meaning you can apply and register when it’s convenient for you!

3. On average, it takes about 11 months to finish the program, with a maximum finish time of 14 months. Since you set your schedule, it’s up to you how quickly you finish

4. Our educators are skilled professionals who have had careers in their respective fields. You can feel confident that you are being taught by people who know the industry!

5. Brighton offers two complimentary 1-year subscription memberships to Juris Educational Resource Knowledge LNC (J.E.R.K LNC) and the Legal Eagle Eye Newsletter for nursing professionals. This is a value of over $500, and you get it for free simply for being a Brighton student!

Our student and admissions advisors are happy to answer any and all questions you have about pursuing this program. To contact us, you can fill out a request for information here or call us at 1-800-354-1254. You can also visit our website to learn more!