I Want To Be…

The question that we get asked from the time we are children: “What do you want to be when you grow up?” And obviously, there are answers like astronaut, fireman, princess, dinosaur. Some have more realistic dreams than others, it seems.

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To be fair, I was in the “princess” category, since that’s what my mom always called me. It honestly ruined me for later on in life, but now that’s my husband’s issue to deal with.

At Brighton, we have several different fields you can go into and study and become the best. Our biggest field, by far, is our Legal Nurse Consultant (LNC) program. But why? What makes LNC so popular? Well, several reasons:

  1. 1) It’s a field that’s booming and becoming more and more demanding. Nurses and doctors rely on their employer having a lawyer on staff to handle any iffy situations that may arise concerning malpractice.
  2. 2) It’s a field that’s not overly popular, because people don’t know about it.
  3. 3) Our program, unlike many out there, is more comprehensive than the others and will train you better to be an LNC as opposed to a few of the more popular, shorter courses out there.
  4. 4) Hospitals and other employers could have an LNC on staff to handle a majority of issues that arise while only paying a lawyer minimal billable hours to handle all of the issue from start to finish.

This sounds a little weird, right? Well, I’ll break these points down because it’s important to delve deeper into each of these reasons.

  1. 1) It’s always good to be on the ground floor of any up-and-coming business and skill. Not only will you be one of the “pioneers” of the field, you’ll also still learn things every day and be able to figure out what works and what doesn’t and help steer the future “you” into the correct way to make themselves successful.
  2. 2) It’s not a field that has 10,000 people in it. Okay, it might world-wide, I don’t really know. But the point here is, it’s not a saturated field yet. You’ve probably heard lawyers are “a dime a dozen” because the market is SO full of lawyers that you can find one on every corner and they don’t make what they used to because, 20-30 years ago, not everyone could be a lawyer. Nowadays, it’s like law schools are handing out JD’s like they’re Halloween candy (even Harvard and Yale!). So for a new field, yes, you’ll have a hard time convincing people why your job is necessary, but once you convince them to give you the chance, you’ll be able to blow them away with that they’ve been missing out on.
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  4. 3) When researching LNC programs, you’ll be hit with A LOT of options out there. Several big-name colleges have programs, like Duke, and there are some “programs” that are significantly shorter. I say “programs” because unless it’s accredited, or takes longer than a week, most people don’t consider it an actual program. There’s one in particular that’s incredibly popular. It’s a week-long “program,” totaling about 40 hours, and is about 3 times the price of ours. Yes, Brighton’s LNC program takes 14 months to complete (the average is about 11 months); however, most of our students come back telling us how much they learned and how helpful it was for them. I have another point about this, but I’ll list it later.
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  6. 4) When an attorney is on staff for a hospital, they can charge the hospital a pretty high rate in addition to a retainer for any hours to investigate the situation, the doctor/nurse, the outcome, etc. Some attorneys, especially in bigger cities, have hourly rates of $500 or more! How crazy is that?! Paralegals and LNC’s can be on staff to do the “leg work” that an attorney would have to do anyway (or more likely, have their paralegal do) and the attorney can be held on retainer and then paid WAY less in billable hours to go to the actual trial or to do settle. Hospital Board of Directors (BOD) might view it as an unnecessary hire, until they realize that it’s actually a lot cheaper in the long run.
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Okay, so the whole “I’ll list it later” part: there’s a group for LNCs out there called Juris Educational Research Knowledge. For short, they’re called The J.E.R.K. and trust me, they know how it sounds. But it makes them stick out, which is important! It’s an organization that helps LNCs network, mentor, and learn. The founder, Claire Hull, went through the popular program mentioned above and also started the program at Duke and a school in Florida. With that being said, we are the only program that the J.E.R.K. partners with to work with the graduates of their LNC program. That. Is. HUGE! If you were to go to their website, you’ll see Brighton College as their only academic partners.

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When asked about if she would choose Brighton if she had it to do over again, Claire Hull responded with: “What a wonderful question !! I’m very sorry! I thought I made myself clear last night, but perhaps I left some doubt!
I took VM course yes! Of course I did! There was nothing else at the time. When I was finished with that course, five years later, I helped establish the course that Duke LNC program now has and I also help establish the LNC program for UNC. I also went to university of Florida and started their forensic program with them! SO…these programs were all just starting.
Which program would I choose if I had to pick.
Well, that’s easy. (Brighton pays me nothing to speak well of them. In regard to full disclosure. Also, it’s important you know that I am not a paid instructor at Brighton College as Dr. Wheeler is).
So, I feel I can answer your question without a conflict of interest.
I would hands down choose the program at Brighton College which is why I CHOSE the school affiliation.
I am in business for myself and my name means everything. As does my Integrity. I really can’t put my name on just any school or any product.
I’ve always been choosey.
I promise you none of the information you learn here at the school will be wasted! You will know more than most know! When you leave school, you will know what an affidavit is! I didn’t know that WORD after taking VM course!  My regard for Dr. Wheeler is high. I don’t believe I have ever met a more compassionate intelligent man. He is wonderful!
I would follow him and know he makes great decisions. He is so supportive of nurses! HE has done the job you are about to take on! Now, how many programs do you think offer that?
You are on a wonderful path! Nothing you learn a waste! It was never my intent to discourage you from the program you are currently in! I would encourage you to see the benefits that may be well hidden!
Recognize that other schools, Universities, Colleges, Programs do not take an interest in connecting you with the “outside world” and what you are about to enter! Legal Nurses are very autonomous! We go into business for ourselves. Most of us do not go in-house to do our work. When you leave school, they are trying to prepare you to be a business owner! You are starting a new career! You will fall back on everything they teach you. There may come a time when you feel badly for those who finish a program in seven days! Especially when you see how much there is to learn!
Consequently, the nurses that come from those programs often feel lost! Ask them! I will bet they tell you that honestly!
Brighton College has done something I’ve never seen a college do. Without Brighton extending that hand You would never have the benefits you have now. There would be no knowledge of JERKLNC web site, No Dr. Wheeler, No AALNC, No extra certification, No newsletter connection, NO Business consultant connection, No Networking….NONE OF THAT is available in the other programs! YOU will never hear VM speak of the JERKLNC. NOR will you hear her speak of the AALNC!! NOR will you hear her speak of Legal Eagle EYE news!
BUT your college has broken down those walls! Your college took a wrecking ball to those walls and knocked them down allowing you full disclosure to all of the wonderful things available to learn.
Personally I am really proud of it! I’m excited for every student in this program! I feel you are about to learn more than most programs take the time to teach! And all because someone cares.”

Man. Talk about high praise!! I don’t even have anything to follow that up with. Claire’s words say it all.

Ready to make your decision yet? We’re just an application away.

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No Act of Kindness, No Matter How Small, Is Ever Wasted

“The only people I have interacted with are Ryan and Kaitlin, via phone and e-mail. Both are very helpful and courteous.”–D Barrera

These days, it seems like kindness is not something that everyone has, and I have some theories as to why. Maybe it’s because it doesn’t cost anything to have, and as a society, we are perceived and judged for what we can, or cannot, buy and attain. Or maybe it’s because it isn’t something that is rewarded for having or using.

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Regardless, people don’t seem to be as kind as they once used to be. I think back to the times of Mayberry. I remember watching The Andy Griffith Show growing up with my dad constantly, and people were genuinely friendly to each other–always said ‘hello,’ used their names (and everyone knew everyone), doors didn’t need to be locked every night. It didn’t hurt that the deputy put the fear of a single bullet (kept in his pocket, not even the gun), in everyone!

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But now, people get offended if doors are held for them, because

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As my mother used to say, “it doesn’t cost anything to be kind.” And that’s what our world is lacking today. At Brighton College, we make sure we have people on staff that, their basic instinct is to be kind to each other. Even if we have to fake a smile, it comes across as a smile when you speak.

Image result for fake it meme Eventually, that smile won’t have to be faked. I’m lucky. I work in a place where it’s genuinely easy to smile because we are always laughing. When you enjoy your coworkers and have fun, that fun comes across and rubs off on the students when you speak to them. Whether you’re in Admissions, Student Services, or Finance, you work with so many students every day that each call needs to be treated as your first, and the more fun you’re having before each of those calls, the better each of those calls will be. Even when you have a “nightmare” of a call, and you answer all pleasant and get this in return:

Image result for jurassic world memethere’s always someone on the other end to help get your mood back up afterwards.

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